The Property Coaching Course

The course is all about learning how to successfully achieve your goals and the "dos and don'ts" of property investing. I teach you many different strategies that can be applied throughout the property cycle and provide you with formulas and guidelines to use as you grow your portfolio and head towards your long term goals. These lessons are are one to one to ensure the maximum amount of interaction and learning is achieved. Times are to suit your personal circumstances. We also have group sessions every couple of months to talk about deals and specific topics relevant to everyone.

Whether you are new and looking to invest with your first property or a seasoned property investor looking to accelerate your wealth, my one to one course will help you accelerate your knowledge and drive you towards your goals.

You will get unlimited support for any property related questions or to help analyse any deal. You also become part of my coaching group with like-minded investors. We have a closed facebook page that we share information and deals.

My view is to teach you all about the property cycle and different strategies that could be applied to property investing and also to tailor the course to your needs. I am there to support you every step of the way with your property investing growth.

I am an active property investor & trader, so learning from someone that is working in the current market and has 20 years of experience can be invaluable.

You are welcome to talk to current and past students before signing up.

Each session is started with a discussion about any property you may of looked at since the previous session and any property related questions you may have.

The basic outline is:

1. Goals and aspiration

The first session is all around understanding what you hope to achieve from your property investing and over what time scale. I will go through a whole range of strategies I have adopted over the years and you will come away from this session with a goal and some actions to get a plan together to achieve it. We constantly refer back to your plan as we go through the course.

2. Understanding the numbers

This session is all about the numbers. We look at yields (gross and Nett) and compare various properties. We look at some basic formulas that will help you quickly compare deals and I provide you with a simple calculation to understand the numbers behind trading property. You are also taught about how the banks assess any deal and how you can present to them in a professional way to get the right outcome. You will need to complete some homework after this session.

3. The Property cycle

The session is all about the property cycle. What has happened in the past and where we are now. We discuss different tactics in the current market and consider possible future scenarios. We discuss key signs to look for and what they mean for renting as well as investing.

4. Growing your property portfolio.

This is where we bring a lot together. We look tactically how to grow your portfolio and how creating a balanced portfolio can speed up your road to wealth and financial freedom. We analyse cashflow versus capital gains and what areas are the best to invest in and why.

5. Strategies to achieve goals.

We discuss all aspects of property investing and how they can all help tactically to achieve your long term goals. You will be surprised at all the options open to you.

6. Rent to Own, including Lease Options, WRAPS and Sandwich lease Options 

This is a great cashflow strategy and I explain exactly how rent to own works and how it can be done successfully to create a win-win for the first home buyer and also you, the investor.

7. Structures and tax

It is vital to get your structures correct when mixing buy and hold properties and trading properties. We discuss the various options that are open to you and why. Getting this wrong can undo all the hard work you have done, so having this knowledge will assist you as you talk with your Accountant and Lawyer. (Which we recommend you do)

8. Where to look for properties

A valuable session on where and how to look for properties and beat the queue. You will be surprised at all the avenues open to you to find your next deal. There are many more ways to find property than just in Trademe!

9. Commercial property

It is also worth considering Commercial property and in this session we look at all types of commercial property and what are the pros and cons and how you can leverage off your residential property.

10. Trading

We discuss the pros and cons of trading and how you can go about this as a form of bulk income to pay down some debt from buy and holds. This is a form of cashflow strategy and not an equity building strategy, but is certainly an addition to balanced portfolio.

11. Summarise

Here we go over all the above and summarise where you are at and what is needed to go forward.

12. Socialise

As well as regular Group Meetings, we also get together over a BBQ or dinner to talk about property and it is a safe environment to discuss any property related matter.


After each session you may receive some notes. These are your personal notes and cannot be shared.

My course is limited to 10 people per six months. Currently there are only a few spaces available. 

Location and time

If you live in Wellington, you are welcome to meet at my private residence in Plimmerton or at a café, otherwise Skype is available.

Each meeting generally lasts for 1-2 hours.

Meeting times can be arranged to best suite your availability.


The course fee is $9,000 + GST. If you have a partner, they are welcome (and encouraged) to attend at no extra charge.

Don't delay, sign up now and take the first steps to enjoying your journey to a successful property portfolio.

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