A word from Peter's students


Hayden and Andrea

August 2020

We came across Peter by accident when viewing a potential investment property. At this time, we had been solidly looking for an investment property for about a year with no luck. Peter gave us the knowledge, tools and framework to gain confidence in taking on risk as well as getting a much better return on investment. About half-way through the programme we bought our first investment property with his support and guidance through the due diligence phase. Peter continues to support us and provides advice and feedback on the design and planning phase of our renovation on this property which will add value and is due to start next year. Peter also supports our ongoing search for our next investment property and is on hand to call or even visit the property. It’s definitely money well spent, and Peter has and continues to be a great coach and mentor for us. Peter is a wealth of knowledge on all things property and no question is too difficult or a problem for him. We are thankful for his support and really happy we found him by accident.

Jareth and Michelle, Wellington

May 2020

Peter's property coaching course has given us what we need to build our investment property portfolio. He has shown us how to eliminate all of the mistakes that unsuccessful investors make and focus on identifying the small proportion of investment property that actually make great investments. In addition to this, when we have found a prospective investment, he is on hand to provide feedback and guidance through the purchase, while still making sure not to do it all for us, so we're learning along the way. I believe this will set us up to be independent, and more successful property investors, to grow our portfolio and wealth! Cheers Peter.

Aroha Tahau, France

December 2019

I wanted an honest and genuine property investing mentor who was walking the talk. As I scanned through the internet and read testimonials and spoke with different "property mentors" and looked for property courses, it was by accident that I came across Peter. I had listened to him speak about property on a Podcast with Nick Gentle.

I am a bit of a sceptic, as I had only heard negative things like "books have all the information you need". However, I was sure for my partner and I to get some real success with our property investing we needed to pay someone for their knowledge and advice, and have someone guide me in my decision making around what we were doing with our investing. No person I spoke with really made me feel like they were genuine successful property investors themselves - walking the talk. Because of all of these question marks I had around utilising someone’s expertise and actually ensuring they were legit, I asked if Peter would mind flying to Mount Maunganui for the day to meet and work with me prior to signing onto the course. Obviously I paid for this but it was a clear indicator of Peters’ genuine character and willingness to help his clients. 

My situation was pretty different. My partner and I are based in France so the entire course was completed over Skype. In completing the course there are several aspects which have been invaluable;

#1   I have been given a tool which is by far the most valuable thing I have in my investing toolkit. This is a spreadsheet where I can type in any property numbers and immediately know whether or not a potential purchase is worth investigating further. This can tell me what the MAX I should pay for a property, completely eliminates emotion and is also a great side document to hand to the bank when you are looking to borrow funds as it details the completer financials of the potential purchase. 

#2   Strategies and ways on how to search for your next investment property - these tips and learnings you gain with Peter are outside of the box (not spending hours and hours scrolling through trade me hoping to see the same gem every other investor in the market is looking for). 

3#   Peter listened to what we hoped to achieve, which was to move home to New Zealand and only wanting one of us to be working, having created a $150,000 p/a income for the other through our investing. From here he worked with me in strategising on how we were to get to this goal. At the completion of the course we are one third of the way to achieving this. 

This quick traction is also credit to his hand in helping us find two very good investment properties (9.2% gross yield). With living overseas I found it far to tough to search for something back in New Zealand. Peter found the property, went to the property, helped us with planning the work to do on it, gave me his contacts of builders, values and property managers. This work basically allowed my partner and I to just give yes/no answers to the people that required it through the entire purchasing process. 

When working with Peter you will find he genuinely is so so helpful. The number of emails or random phone calls I have made to him asking questions when I wasn't sure on something (the insurance pricing, the property management way of operating, insulation pricing or literally when anything at one of my investments has gone wrong) he has always responded quickly, helped with an answer or said "leave it with me I will look into it for you". 

I recommend working with Peter, his knowledge, experience and hands on help has been 100% invaluable for us and our investing. If you have any questions or would like to talk about how worthwhile the course is further please feel free to find my contact details through Peter.

Grant, Wellington

June 2019

After investing in residential for close to 20 years and having built up a reasonable size portfolio I decided to try and become a full time investor and take my portfolio to another level. It was a big step as I had recently started a new family and had 2 pre-schoolers and the responsibilities that comes with that. Peter was recommended to me and I can honestly say I have learned more in the last year than the previous 20. I have increased my holdings as well as taking a small plunge into commercial.  I was in the ‘one bank trap’ which he helped me refinance with split banking and unlocked a significant amount of equity. Peter volunteered to go around some of my properties with my property manager and show me me how to add value and significantly increase my rental returns. 

Peter changed my mindset and showed me how to think outside the box and stretch myself.

I’m exited where this journey will take my family and I. Thank you Peter.

Rachel and Sarah, Wellington

January 2018

When Peter offered to coach us we jumped at the chance to learn from someone with as much experience as him. While we'd done a lot of reading and had a reasonable understanding of what to do, we struggled to turn it into action. We were probably a little hesitant we'd make a mistake.

Peter absolutely knows his stuff not only about purchasing houses but also different strategies for how to purchase so we could make the most of our personal situation. And now we're confident in our ability to invest wisely in property.

Peter has taught us everything from buying and exiting strategies to being a supportive landlord, info on taxes, engaging with Councils and how to make the best returns on our investment. He also taught us some less obvious things about property investment like having the right mindset and helping us understand why we wanted to get into property  in the first place. All of this was helpful so we could decide our 'rules' for investing that worked for us.

But most of all Peter always made himself available to help us view properties, sanity check our decisions, make us think about different options plus has introduced us to a group of like-minded people who share the same values. This has been priceless. We feel connected to Peter's coaching community and know that if we needed support from him, he'd do what he could to help.

Peter's been invested in our progress the whole time and is now a great friend. We'd absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking to purchase property.... even if it just seems like a pipe dream now. Having the right mindset and knowledge means it could actually be closer than you think.

Thanks Peter

Nick, Japan

September 2017

I spent two years telling everybody that if I could change one thing going back to 2008 (when I started investing), it would be to pair up with a really good coach. Last year I realised that you can only look forward and started to work with Peter Ambrose and the results have been outstanding. 

Peter helped me redefine my goals and under his guidance I sold properties that were not contributing to a core strategy and doubled down on assets that compliment each other, adding nearly a million dollars in net worth over 12 months in the process.

I feel privileged to have been allowed to learn from someone whose values are so strongly aligned with mine and with so much knowledge and experience that Peter loves to share.

Zhuhua Wu (James)  

September 2016

Before I met Peter, I knew nothing about property investing, but his mentoring program got me up to speed very quickly. His many years of experience in property investing and his extensive local knowledge of the market is just a phone call away, For me, that's gold!

Gavin Pierce

August 2016

I have been successful on my last investment purchase due to Pete's lessons, experience and advice. It has been hard work and I have learnt a lot.  Thanks Pete, couldn't have done it with out you.



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