Do you help find properties around New Zealand for your students?

Not actively. My goal is to fully educate you about all aspects of property investing and support you on the journey to financial freedom. You will be able to make informed decisions about purchasing (or not) and I will be there to assist you along the way.

On saying that, I do get leads through my website, Avenue Homes that I am happy to pass on if they meet your criteria. Often the best deals are privately so this is a good avenue for property. I also have a number of property investor friends and leads can come from them as well, including leads from my property coaching group. Please note that this is not a real estate agent service.


Do you just concentrate in Wellington or all around NZ?

Generally just Wellington, but I am open to all deals around New Zealand and I keep abreast of what is happening in all regions. I also pass on useful property and economic information to you as it becomes available to me.


You have mentioned that you will inspect or check out some properties before purchasing with your students. Would this be all around New Zealand or just around Wellington?

I am happy to do anywhere in New Zealand.


If this is just Wellington, would you consider travel to other areas if student paid for flights etc, however we would also have to pay for your time. What would that cost be?

Happy to travel if flights, etc are paid for. Depending on where the property is located would dictate the cost, based on time. My fee would only be at a nominal rate as I generally could do it in a single day, however no more than $500 per visit (after expenses, if any)


I want to grow my property portfolio and I know this can't be done in one year, what would you charge for year on year mentoring please?

We can discuss at the end of the first 12 months and see how far advanced you are. I am happy to continue on an annual subscription. That cost will be a lot less but this really needs to be worked through towards the end of the course.


Do you have access to good property managers and skilled workers?

Absolutely!! will get access to those as well.


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